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Aight, show of hands: How many of you fine folks reading this know what an NFR is? (No, not an NFT. Also, fuck those.)

Google tells me NFR can mean Not for Reproduction, Non-Functional Requirement, or No-Fun Ryan (ouch). For me, however, this acronym has a different meaning: Newbie’s First Rise. Kinda like Baby’s First Steps, but for someone discovering a new tech stack. So, y’know. Actually interesting (unlike literal baby steps)1.

This is my Hugo NFR: my very first post on my new Hugo blog. I’m coming at this after about a decade or so of using WordPress, and another 10 years of making websites using pure HTML/CSS (and a dash of pirated Photoshop) before that.

Confession Bear time: I never liked Wordpress. The sheer amount of bloat made it a pain in the arse to use, and don’t get me started about working with bigger databases. Unless something’s changed recently, Wordpress optimization is y-i-k-e-s. Which is to say, I am happy to see the back of it2.

Expect this blog to be updated semi-regularly as I wind down my social media use elsewhere. I’ve already ditched Twitter and tend to hang out on Mastodon these days, so that’s one way to reach me. You can also use the contact form or ask for my Discord if we’re besties.

Speaking of ways to reach me, you’ll notice this website doesn’t have comments. I maintain that anonymous Internet comments were a mistake, and I will happily murder anyone on this hill3 :)

  1. People with babies don’t @ me, I said what I said. ↩︎

  2. Metaphorically. Web platforms don’t have backs. Unless we’re talking about the backend↩︎

  3. ↩︎